Sunday, November 04, 2007

our new company logo

Hey friends and family,
A while ago I posted a logo for our bug business. Well, here is the updated one. Let us know what you think and if you are in the Phoenix area and have bugs . . . give us a call!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Beautiful Boys!

What a handsome boy! Look at those big brown eyes. Can you see the mischief?

Mr. GQ. Or should we just call him muffin head? He likes to pose for the camera . . . that's for sure!

Moving back to AZ to be a bug man!

Bugman "take 1."

Bugman "take 2."

Are we ready to move back? Lucas isn't so sure . . .

So very much has happended since our last family post. We have been through 2 major moves and two completely different career moves. Here's a quick update: Last November (2006) we decided to move to Austin, TX and attend UT in preparation for dental school. The plan was to move there, get all my prerecs, apply to all 3 Texas dental schools as a TX resident with a better chance to get in, a few other schools across the nation . . . finish dental school by 2012, open a practice in Austin, or come back to Mesa . . . get out of debt, and then make some money in a great career with time for family, all the while providing a wonderful service that people need. Well, I was right in the middle of this plan when a opportunity presented itself. We were offered a chance to buy a pest control company, manage its operations, buy out our investor in a few years, and have a great job, with time for the family, while all the while providing a useful service that people need. One benefit was being able to start making a decent living now. So, at the end of July we packed up and moved back to Mesa, AZ. We had been living in a 2 bedroom apartment and simultaneosly been remodeling a 2300 sq ft home. What an investment of time and money, and we had specifically chosen certain furnishings for our liking and enjoyment. We thought we would be there for a couple more years but with this sudden move we didn't get to enjoy the new big house! Bummer! And too bad we sold our house here in Mesa so quick, because we could have moved back in! Now we are living in Jill and Rustin's house. Good timing I guess . . . The pest control business has such great potential here in AZ. We are excited at the prospect of growth in the upcoming years! We'll try better to keep you up to speed.

What do you think of this logo?

Fraser Family Reunion

Beating the old man, finally!
Cute family pose
And another
Daddy's boys!

Me and E at Carlsbad Caverns
Me and Lukie

Well, every two years one of Grandma and Grandpa Fraser's kids host the Fraser Family Reunion. This year it was up to the Witcher's in the remote region of West Texas. Wow! Here are some pictures for your viewing enjoyment . . .