Sunday, November 23, 2008

After Church

Here is our Happy Family!

We love to come home from church!
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Boys in Brown

As you can see one likes to look at the camera while the other wants to sleep.

Thank you Ethan for that interesting look...

Yeah, I think Austin is sick of the long hug. When Ethan was hugging, Lucas was not.
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Texas Visitors

Ethan and Lucas were so excited to have Grandma and Papa Witcher come to their house! Ethan said, "We are not going to see Papa. Papa is coming to see us!"
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Friday, November 07, 2008

Lucas' Uvula

Yes, for all of you who have wondered what that dangly thing is called in the back of your mouth . . . today is your lucky day.
Its the "Uvula." ( Pronounced: [yoo-vyuh-luh])

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Sweet boy

Look at this sweet face and those chubby cheeckers.
Isn't he precious!
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Every little boy should have a pink room...Look how happy it makes them! :)

He has not clue it's pink does he. . . ???

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Best Friends forever

If only they always got along like this. Ethan, 3 1/2, Lucas, 2 1/2.
I guess that would be asking just too much.

Four Eyes

Doesn't he look so smart and drooley?

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We love Cali-fornia

Austin loved to eat the sand. I could not keep him out of it
Austin is trying to escape and eat some more sand
Ethan's favorite thing was chasing the seagulls (his second favorite bird, second only to the Eagle says he.)
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Beach Bums

Lucas liked to run around on the shore not so much in the water
Austin and Andy
Run Lucas Run
Ethan thought he was the coolest with his boogie board
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Andy Jr.

Ethan is the spitting image of his father in this picture...
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San Deigo Family Trip

I love my four boys so much-Andy got them to stand still by holding his pockets.

It was only a matter of time before Sweet Ethan got tired of taking pictures....

I guess I do take a lot of them...

Here I getting ready to pose and without fail the moment Lucas sees anyone on their hands and knees he will quickly leap on your back and want a horse ride...
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Hair cut needed

I just can't bring myself to cut his soft hair-It is out of control
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Stink Face

This is what is known as the STINK FACE-Jaylie my neice is so funny
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Ethan and Lucas, can make some good faces already...I am so proud
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Austin's new best friends Chelsea and Jenner-penner-poopin-ener
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Three Amigos

The three Amigos-in their pink room-Please don't ask...

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Lucas' Sleep Mask

Lucas is having a hard time sleeping at night...So I guess he thought this might help. Who knew a swim diaper could also act as a sleep mask. Me and Andy found him sound asleep one night like this. Never a dull moment even when he is sleeping
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