Friday, November 07, 2008

Lucas' Uvula

Yes, for all of you who have wondered what that dangly thing is called in the back of your mouth . . . today is your lucky day.
Its the "Uvula." ( Pronounced: [yoo-vyuh-luh])

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Lindy said...

Natalie--your boys are too cute for words! Seriously!

Mutt and Karlee said...

Hi Nat-
Man- it's been a long time! I got on your blog from Timar's. I just sent you an e-mail with our new blog address on it. In case you didn't get it or I got the wrong e-mail it's- Nat- I thought I had the cutest boys ever- but I have to say that your boys are right up there with them! I haven't seen them forever, but dang they are CUTE!! I miss you-hopefully we'll get to see eachother soon!! Love ya-Karlee